The Cal Fund

When you give to The Cal Fund, you are part of something bigger — you join thousands of other donors who support the areas of greatest need across campus. Your gift will always make a difference in one of three core areas:

Student Support

Your gift to The Cal Fund enhances student life. From scholarships to small-group mentoring to career counseling, you are providing essential support for programs that greatly improve the Berkeley experience for our undergraduates.

Faculty Excellence

The Cal Fund offers startup funds for new classrooms and labs, classroom technology that enhances the teaching and learning experience, and funding for faculty research. Your support enables Berkeley to recruit — and retain — early-career faculty capable of great things.


Berkeley is a research powerhouse, the birthplace of path-breaking advances that have changed our world for the better. Nearly half of all Berkeley undergrads engage in some form of research — far above the average for American universities. With a gift to The Cal Fund, you can help extend these opportunities for hands-on learning and improving our society.

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