The Toban Faculty Fellowship

In celebration of Myrna Toban Mitchner’s 80th birthday in August 2013, her children Laura, Leslie, Zale, and Seth, and Seth’s wife, Nancy, have established The Toban Faculty Fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley to honor her and recognize her passion for the arts.

The Mitchner children also wish to honor their maternal grandparents with The Toban Faculty Fellowship. Eva and Louis Toban (deceased), of Vancouver, Canada, are in their thoughts when the Toban family name is signed to Myrna’s artworks.

Myrna has always enjoyed the arts both as a participant and patron. Using the family name Toban, she has painted hundreds of oil paintings that grace the walls of the homes and offices of family and friends. She continues to paint to this day. Her appreciation of the arts extends past the visual arts to include the performing arts of music, theater and dance.

In establishing The Toban Faculty Fellowship, the Mitchner children are creating a living legacy for their mother and memorial tribute for their maternal grandparents. They are pleased to be partnering with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in order to help the University of California, Berkeley sustain the excellent faculty in the arts and humanities.

The Toban Faculty Fellowship will allow tenured faculty in the Division of Arts & Humanities, particularly those in the visual or performing arts, at UC Berkeley to pursue their creative passions just as Myrna Toban Mitchner has throughout her life.