"She who creates herself."

TRENZA was founded in 1994 with the goal of providing a strong foundation of academic and social support for Latina women on the UC Berkeley campus. TRENZA celebrates Latina culture and helps instill a strong drive for academic and personal success at Berkeley. TRENZA respects the diverse views and backgrounds of its members and strives to be inclusive and respectful to all, thus creating a strong foundation for the success of the organization and building a community of support for all members.

This fund will support the TRENZA organization as we build and strengthen our support network for our members. Weekly meetings, participation in community events and service projects, networking opportunities and workshops, as well as social gatherings have allowed members to bond, grow and create memorable experiences as students while also sharing our culture and community on campus and beyond Berkeley.

If the TRENZA is no longer recognized as a student organization by the LEAD Center, funds will be allocated to the LEAD Center for use.