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The UC Berkeley Cancer Research Laboratory (CRL) was founded in 1951. Since then, our mission has been to support fundamental cancer research on the UC Berkeley campus. Our goal is to provide world-class scientists at Berkeley with resources and facilities that will help them in their ambitious quest to develop novel therapeutic approaches to cancer.

One of our more important contributions to cancer research is the development of an approach to cancer treatment called “checkpoint blockade.” This approach was innovated at Berkeley in the Cancer Research Lab by Prof. James P. Allison. Dr. Allison’s work led to FDA approval of a breakthrough drug for cancer called Yervoy (Ipilimumab). Why does this sound familiar? There have been many recent stories about immunotherapy drugs that unleash the immune system against cancer. This drug, and others like it in the pipeline, have changed the face of cancer therapy — and it all started here at Berkeley in the CRL.

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