Biology Scholars Program Fund


The Biology Scholars Program (BSP) at UC Berkeley is a program that challenges the "by the numbers" popular view (e.g., SATs and high school GPAs as good predictors of success) about who can and should do science. Over the past 20 years and of the 3,000+ BSP graduates, 60% have been underrepresented minorities of African American, Hispanic, and American Indian descent, 70% women, and 80% from low-income backgrounds and/or the first in their family to attend college.

Your donation to the Biology Scholars Program Fund supports our members by giving program leadership the flexibility to make the difference for students without or with limited external funding. Some ways we use these funds include stipends for research and pre-med internships, funding for community building opportunities that provide peer mentoring and advising, and funding for students to travel and attend national research and pre-medical conferences.