SMART (Student Mentoring and Research Teams) Program Fund

The SMART program broadens the professional development of doctoral students and fosters research skills and pathways to advanced studies and professional careers for undergraduates.

Berkeley pioneered this ten-week summer program in which top graduate students create mentored research opportunities for promising undergraduates, under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Twenty teams each summer represented a myriad of research fields, helping to advance new frontiers of knowledge.

The program provides summer funding for both graduate and undergraduate participants and opportunities to share research results on campus and at national conferences. Doctoral students develop mentoring skills and gain a competitive edge in the job search; undergraduates develop expertise in research methods, receive exposure to new career paths, and gain a competitive edge for admission into graduate programs.

Your Support is Matched!

Gifts to the SMART program are more than matched by University contributions. Each team’s sponsorship provides stipends of up to $5,000 to graduate mentors and $3,500 to undergraduate mentees. Up to $1000 may also be made available to SMART mentors for travel or research expenses that cannot be covered elsewhere.

“This program has done more to enhance my college experience than anything I have participated in so far. I can honestly say that the SMART program has given me a new direction in my life and provided me with the knowledge and confidence to pursue a graduate degree.”
-— 2012 undergraduate mentee

Visit the SMART website to learn more about our program.