Vernard Lewis Structural Pest Research & Outreach Fund

The Vernard Lewis Structural Pest Research & Outreach Fund was created to bring together a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the State that include entomologists, pest management professionals, architects, engineers, builders, K-12 schools, and the public interested in insect identification and pest management. The Lewis Laboratory’s strengths include knowledge of current pest management practices as well as advanced detection, management, and prevention schemes for many of the major economic pests that occur in our urban ecosystems. Since many insect species have dual roles in nature, pestiferous and beneficial, the lab’s activities strive for a balance in research, investigative, and outreach activities. This fund will support outreach efforts to serve the general public and K-12 schools via web-based insect identification aids, and general biology and management informational retrieval. Ultimately, this fund will help create a sustainable Urban Pest Management Center for professionals and consumers in the State.