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Emerging and neglected diseases encompass a variety of debilitating, and often deadly, infections. Emerging diseases are newly recognized diseases, or, increasingly, they may be newly emerging drug-resistant forms of familiar pathogens. Neglected diseases, on the other hand, have co-existed with humans for millennia. They include a range of familiar and rare infections such as malaria, tuberculosis, and leprosy that are largely endemic in the developing world.

Emerging and neglected diseases share a common market failure. Because these diseases affect either too few people or primarily marginalized populations of the world, there is limited financial incentive to invest in new scientific research or product development. The goal of CEND is to bring innovative approaches, and leverage our existing strengths in fundamental research, to make UC Berkeley the undisputed leader in combating global health problems. In order to accomplish this, CEND relies on a committed team of faculty, researchers, and students and seeks to attract a new cadre of young pioneering scientists. Your gift to CEND allows for increased scientific understanding and innovative product development to slow the spread of newly emerging diseases and alleviate the burden of neglected diseases among the world’s poorer populations.

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