Center for Southeast Asia Studies - Indonesia Studies Fund

Support Indonesian Studies at UC Berkeley!

Indonesian Studies has a distinguished history at UC Berkeley. Over the decades, experts in the field such as Clive Day, Clifford Geertz and Daniel Lev have exposed our students to the study of Indonesia. Today, the campus is home to several faculty with long-standing research interests in Indonesia including Nancy Lee Peluso (Henry J. Vaux Distinguished Professor of Forest Policy in the College of Natural Resources), Ben Brinner (Professor of Music), and Sylvia Tiwon (Associate Professor of South and Southeast Asian Studies).

Set up in 2001 to honor the memory of John Holdridge, former Ambassador to Singapore (1975-78) and Indonesia (1983-86), the Indonesia Fund supports:

  • faculty research and course development in¬†Indonesian Studies
  • fellowships for graduate students from Indonesia to pursue degree programs at UC Berkeley
  • the¬†promotion of academic exchanges between faculty at Indonesian universities and UC Berkeley through support for short-term visiting scholars and for workshops and conferences