The Berkeley Data Science (BDS) Education Fund


Make a gift to the Berkeley Data Science Education Fund

The Berkeley Data Science education program provides a foundation for every Berkeley student to engage capably and critically with data and create pathways to future progress.

It builds from an entry-level foundational course coupled with innovative connector courses that let students explore real-world topics -- from immigration to childhood poverty to neuroscience -- opening up to a spectrum of advanced courses beyond.

We’ve made a strong start in building data science education at Berkeley. We can do so much more.

There are opportunities to support the Data Science education program at many levels, from enabling student projects to constructing spaces for student experimentation. Your support could expand the technical platform used by our students, provide student fellowships, endow faculty positions, or enable faculty to create new classes. Every contribution makes an immediate, positive impact.

Help us provide students with the crucial data science knowledge to shape the future.

The Berkeley Data Science Education Fund is administered in the Division of Undergraduate Studies in the College of Letters & Science at UC Berkeley.

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