Citizen Clinic Fund

Citizen Clinic is an innovative, first-in-the-world model of cybersecurity student training and direct assistance.

Building on lessons from clinics in law and medicine, we train teams of students to assist under-resourced public service and civil society organizations to fend off such threats as online harassment, malware, and other politically motivated online attacks.

Students gain valuable hands-on experience by assessing threats, recommending risk-appropriate actions, and working collaboratively with clients on new policies and technical controls for long-term digital security. Client organizations build capacity to defend their safety, and students develop a wide range of leadership skills that equip them as a new generation of cybersecurity talent.

Launched in 2018, the clinic has trained 60+ students representing 10 academic areas of UC Berkeley, and more than half of participants have been women.

Exemplary achievements include:

• helping improve the security of voter information efforts;
• securing the data of reproductive rights healthcare providers;
• improving digital security for indigenous activists; and,
• developing innovative solutions to threats against members of the trans community.

Our alumni have been recruited to leadership roles in such companies as Microsoft, Facebook and Google.

Private gifts of all sizes help us expand the number of students we train, the number of organizations we serve, and our ability to promote our success for replication worldwide.

For more information on how your gift can benefit Citizen Clinic contact: Shanti Corrigan, Senior Director of Philanthropy Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity 510-693-8062 or