I School Innovators Fund


Since the School of Information was created in 2000, more than 49 companies have been founded by 44 I School alumni. To incentivize further innovation across future generations, a group of successful I School alumni entrepreneurs have launched a fund to support the most promising student enterprises with the greatest potential for impact, recognizing that I School innovators bring a unique, human-centered approach to how people interact with information and technology.

Through the I School Innovators Fund, students are supported to envision ambitious enterprises and are incentivized with financial awards that will help them realize their dreams.

The Fund engages past and future alumni as mentors, advisors, funders, and judges, providing access to inspiring role models with exemplary leadership in both business and philanthropy. It drives both innovation among incoming classes of students and establishes a sustained cycle of philanthropic re-investment in the School of Information from enterprising alumni.

We invite you to join founding contributors Holly Liu, Thejo Kote, and Prayag Narula to fuel new I School Innovators and their creative endeavors designed to improve our world.