Blue Bear Ventures Fund


The Blue Bear Ventures Fund supports the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) by enabling the University of California, Berkeley Foundation to invest in the Blue Bear Ventures Fund I, an independent for-profit fund established by financial investors to support early-stage research, create a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem around innovations, and transform ideas into commercial success. The for-profit Blue Bear Ventures Fund I is set up to support CITRIS by helping to further CITRIS’ mission of advancing society through education and research by providing support for research projects emanating from CITRIS that serve to further innovation and broader application and dissemination of research facilitated by the CITRIS Foundry.

I understand that by directing this allocation to the fund, the UC Berkeley Foundation in consultation with the Director of CITRIS may invest any portion (up to 100 percent) in the Blue Bear Ventures Fund I , an independent for-profit entity. I make this allocation with the full understanding that all investments, by nature, are subject to gain or loss including loss of principal.

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