The Housing Security Deposit Award Fund


The Housing Security Deposit Fund is a student-led philanthropic effort to support current and future students to find safe, secure and stable housing. At any point in the year, this fund can provide students a partial or full security deposit within two weeks of request, with absolutely no interest.

When a student has moved out and is provided back their security deposit, they have the option to return what they received from the award back to the Housing Security Deposit Fund. By doing so, students “pay it forward,” and help the next generation of aspiring students meet their basic housing needs.

The fund was established through a popularly supported student fee referendum to empower student success in the face of economic injustice. We believe that a UC Berkeley education ought to be accessible to all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, immigration status, criminal record, or socioeconomic status. The Housing Security Deposit fund strives to make that vision a reality by investing directly in sustainable student success.